2014 Tax Returns – 31 October 2015 deadline

2014 Tax Returns now being prepared.

If you think you are due tax back  for 2014 or want to be prepared in advance of the October deadline for your tax liability, your tax return can now be prepared. Even if you have a liability and submit your return early, your tax liability is still not payable until 31 October 2015.


31 October 2015 Deadline (NATIONWIDE SERVICE)

  • File 2014 income tax return
  • Pay 2014 income tax liability
  • Pay 2015 preliminary Tax liability
  • File 2014 Capital Gains Tax Return

Interest, penalties and risk of audit where returns are not filed on time. Refusals of tax clearance certificates etc. Company directors who file late, may result in the company’s tax clearance cert not being issued (even where a company’s tax affairs are up to date).

Tax returns from only €200 (inclusive of VAT etc)

Landlords (will include rental accounts)

Company directors new start ups even if company has not traded you are still obliged to file a return. IMPORTANT: Company directors are liable to severe penalties even if they have no tax due. Further discounts available for tax returns with little or no income.

Sole-traders: We can prepare the accounts or be given the accounts and your tax return can be prepared accordingly.

Tax advice given on all available reliefs and exemptions. Tax tips also provided. This is a tax driven service. This is a Nationwide Service.


1.  Contact us to discuss your details and we will give you a quote

2. Sign an agent declaration form which will allow us to act as your agent with Revenue

3. In some cases (rental income) we may look for a copy of your 2013 accounts

4. We will send you a detailed letter with the exact information we require to complete your tax return

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