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16 Sep

31 October 2015 Income Tax Deadline

The 31 October 2015 deadline for the submission of income tax returns is fast approaching. Those obliged to submit tax returns are: Self employed individuals Landlords Farmers Company directors Tax payable  by 31 October (or 13 November where returns are filed on ROS) include Income Tax due for 2014 Preliminary tax due for 2015 (which

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15 Jun

Other Tax Services we provide

Full Tax Services: – All tax/accounts for start up businesses. – Advice on business start ups – Accounts – Book – keeping – Tax Returns – Payroll – Landlord Tax Returns Recommended By: Dell Redundancy Workers

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14 Jun

About to be made Redundant/Unemployed? Some things to consider:

For anyone who believes they are about to be made redundant, there are some issues you should always be aware of: Ensure you get your proper notice or if not a payment in lieu of notice if applicable. The longer you have been with an employer, the more notice you are entitled to. (You should

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