Tax Consultancy

tax consultancyKnow Your Tax can provide Top Level Taxation Consultancy to clients in a number of areas, some of which are as follows:

  • I want to purchase sites, build residential or commercial properties and rent or sell same? What initial structure should I put in place ?
  • I want to organise my estate and draw up my will, can I do anything to minimise the tax payable by my children, family etc on their inheritance ?
  • I want to draw down my pension what are the tax implications ?
  • I want to know the tax implications of leaving my pension in it’s fund and passing it on as an inheritance to my children, family members etc
  • Given the decrease in market values for land and property, should I look at gifting my assets now or should I leave these pass by inheritance ?
  • I have accumulated income in my company for a number of years. I now wish to retire, how can I access same tax efficiently or without having to put this money in a pension scheme.
  • I want to transfer business assets to the next generation, farm, business premises etc
  • I want to help my children to buy property given the decrease in market values, what and how much taxes will we pay? Are there any exemptions we can avail of ?
  • I want to help my children and their partners to buy property, what are the additional tax implications of a non family member being involved in this transaction ?
  • I want to sell or dispose of some assets, what is the best timing to do this ?
    & many many more

Talk to an experienced Tax Consultant before you make any decisions in relation to a wide variety of personal and business transactions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Know Your Tax, we will be delighted to guide you on the right way. 

We also provide tax consultancy services to other accountants and solicitors, seeking specialist advice for their own clients.